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Eating is essential

And it is a pleasure. Many people find joy in their lives through food, and Korea boasts an interesting eating culture. Whether you are visiting or residing, you will discover that every corner of the country offers a variety of culinary delights. For example, in Seoul, the Hongdae area is full of fusion international eateries, while the Jongno area represents traditional Korean dishes. The Cheongdam-Apgujeong area is filled with upscale restaurants, and Myeongdong is a street food paradise.

Beyond the realm of meals, the cafe culture in Korea is a realm of boundless imagination. In fact, visiting cafes has become akin to taking a tour for many people. It is in these charming spaces that some of the most creative Koreans showcase their talents. Unique cafes have the power to enthrall and even breathe new life into entire streets. It comes as no surprise that our cafe introduction articles consistently rank among the most visited on our platform.

About Us

Food Influencer ‘Rockher’

Rockher is a Korean gourmet blogger whose exceptional palate has made him a respected voice in the Korean wine community. Starting with wine tasting, he honed his senses until he could distinguish even the most subtle of flavors. His readers quickly recognized and trusted his taste, and he soon became a respected voice in the Korean wine community. But Rockher’s appetite for new and exciting culinary experiences was insatiable. He expanded his focus to include unique restaurants and cafes across Korea, indulging in the quality of the food and the ambiance of the space.

His sharp taste and unbiased evaluations quickly earned him a devoted following. His food photography skill, capturing the essence of each dish in vivid detail, was another talent that helped him to gain more followers on social media. Despite his success, Rockher tries to remain himself as a pure gourmet and objective food reviewer. He refused to accept sponsorships or free meals in exchange for positive reviews, believing that his opinions should be purely based on his own experiences. This honesty and integrity were born from his hungry childhood memories. In a poor family, his biggest wish was to eat heartily without other people’s interference from a young age. Since after he went out to eat hard after getting a job, eating and writing are his noble hobby and greatest joy in his life, and he was determined to share his passion with others.

IK.Gourmet Project

In collaboration with Interesting Korea, Rockher warmly invites food lovers to embark on a remarkable culinary journey through Interesting Korea Gourmet (IK.gourmet). As a passionate solo traveler and dedicated food enthusiast, Rockher is wholeheartedly committed to exploring distinctive dining experiences in Korea, emphasizing both the excellence of the food and the ambiance of each establishment.

Through IK.gourmet, we hope to inspire readers to try new foods and explore new places. Whether you are a resident of Korea or a visitor, our goal is to provide you with insightful and honest opinions to enhance your dining experience, as well as to offer a deeper look into the rich and diverse food culture of Korea.

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