Top 5 Insta-worthy Cafes in Daegu, South Korea to Visit in 2023

Looking for the most aesthetic cafes in Daegu with tasty desserts and coffee? You came to the right place!

Korea is known for its unique café culture you won’t find anywhere else. There is a ton of them all over the country including Daegu, the vibrant city we wrote about in our previous article. After visiting the major recommended attractions, why not include café hopping to your Daegu check-list as well?

Here are 5 Insta-worthy cafes that we’ve visited ourselves and recommend you to check out too!

1. Chorus Coffee

A cozy café which also operates as a bar and serves both: coffee and cocktails! The first thing you’ll notice once you enter the café is the interior: rattan furniture and multiple posters with palm trees and beaches will give you a feel of a summer retreat somewhere in a tropical country. Yet, the main highlight of this place is the LP player that plays mellow music which makes the atmosphere even more relaxing.

Try the signature homemade desserts (that go pretty fast!) in the day and enjoy the cocktails at night-time to feel the unique romantic atmosphere of this place.

Address: 대구광역시 중구 공평동 11-3 오른쪽상가 2층 (Jung-gu Gongpyeong-dong 11-3)
Operating hours: 12:00 – 22:00

2. A.Nook

A great place with a stunning cityscape! A.Nook has a wide selection of items on their menu and unlike many other cafes in Korea, you can have a brunch meal, a pastry and even a piece of cake, all in one place (which is exactly what we did).

The café is a 4-storey building and has a lot of seats to choose from. Those include the seats on the rooftop (3rd floor) from where you can overlook the breathtaking view of Daegu! The second floor has a terrace and a panoramic window whereas the lounge floor is where you place your order. Finally, on the first floor you will see different sceneries projected on the screen that stretches over the wall.

Address: 대구시 남구 앞산순환로 459 (Apsansunhwanro 459, Nam-gu)
Operating hours: 10:00 – 22:00

3. Rully Coffee

Also known as the ‘Blue Bottle’ of Daegu, this place has been one of the hottest cafes in Daegu while attracting a huge number of visitors each day. Often it is even overpacked on weekends despite the wide space and the additional seats on the terrace.

Rully Coffee in particular specializes in its high-quality roasted coffee beans and hand dripped coffee so it’s a must-visit if you’re a coffee addict! You can also purchase coffee beans and drip coffee of different kinds at the café to make some on your own at home. The menu doesn’t have a wide selection of items, however, one thing we can definitely recommend is the ice cream coffee (6,000 won) or ice cream + cheesecake (6,800 won) if you can’t drink coffee.

Address: 대구광역시 수성구 고모동 334-1 (Gomodong 334-1, Suseong-gu)
Operating hours: 10:00 – 23:00


Brand new café opened earlier this year has been one of the hottest despite its pretty remote location. The name of the place ‘MRNW’ is the abbreviation of 미래농원 (mi-rae-nong-won) which means ‘farm of the future’ in Korean. This is because the space used to be a landscaping tree farm for 20 years before being cultivated into what it is today.

Nowadays the territory of the former farm is even more diverse. There is a garden to take a relaxing stroll and the large construction where you will find the café and a gallery hall. Please note that the gallery and the café are two separate facilities and you need to pay entrance fee for the former. The entire space is perfect for Instagram pictures and is a perfect example of the harmony between modern architecture and nature.

Address: 대구광역시 북구 서변동 495-9 (Seobyeondong 495-9, Buk-gu)
Operating hours:
– Weekdays: 12:00 – 19:00 (closed on Mondays)
– Weekend: 11:00 – 19:00

5. Pocket

If you’ve read our previous article about must-visit unique attractions in Daegu, you probably remember that we mentioned the numerous cafes and restaurants around Suseong lake. One of the cafes we want to recommend is Pocket which is a two-storey building with a terrace facing the lake. Sip your coffee and enjoy your dessert while watching the peaceful scenery of Daegu’s highlights!

Address: 대구광역시 수성구 수성못길 20 (Suseongmot-gil 20, Suseong-gu)
Operating hours: 10:00 – 23:00