Best subscription services for expats in Korea

In today’s digitally-driven era, the global subscription market has witnessed a remarkable surge, permeating various aspects of our daily lives. From streaming platforms that bring entertainment to our fingertips, to curated boxes delivering tailored surprises, subscriptions have become a popular way to discover, enjoy, and embrace new experiences. And when it comes to Korea, a land of captivating traditions and modern marvels, the realm of subscription services provides a fascinating gateway into its rich and diverse culture.

from media to retails, subscription eco-system dominates our life

We’ve explored some of the captivating subscription services in Korea and selected useful subscriptions for foreigners residing in the country. These services offer not only experience the convenience and efficiency of Korean culture but also to immerse oneself in the diverse facets of daily life.

1: WOW Membership of Coupang – Quick, fresh, fun(4,990KRW/month)

One subscription service that has taken Korea by storm is the WOW membership offered by Coupang, the country’s largest e-commerce platform. So-called ‘Amazon of South Korea’, the efficiency of Coupang’s delivery system is highly regarded, with a seamless logistics network that ensures swift and reliable service. This efficiency has contributed to Coupang’s remarkable growth, transforming it into a household name and a leader in the Korean e-commerce market.

Rocket Delivery(delivery on next day) was a game changer on online shoppng industry


  • Unconditional free shipping and free returns on Rocket Delivery, no matter how small the order.
  • Free shipping on Rocket Jikgu(direct shipping from abroad) items without any additional fees or minimum purchase required.
  • Access to Rocket Fresh, the nation’s largest online grocer. Members ordering from a selection of thousands of items before midnight will have their items delivered by 7 AM the next morning with Dawn Delivery. With Same-Day Delivery, customers can receive orders made before 10 AM by 6 PM that very day.
  • Dawn and Same-Day Delivery even on some non-Fresh items.
  • Exclusive discounts for WOW members.
  • Unlimited media contents through Coupang Play, including Korean & International TV shows, Movies, Documentaries, Kids & Family series, Educational contents, and EXCLUSIVE contents by Coupang.
Coupang Play is evolving to provide their own contents

Usefulness for Foreigners in Korea

If you were a Amazon Prime user, WOW membership just fit on you. Only with the patience less than a day, you can get pretty much everything you order. Also using the dawn delivery, you don’t have to miss your breakfast.

2. Naver Plus Membership of Naver – A Shopper’s Paradise (4,900KRW/month or 46,800KRW/year)

Naver, Korea’s leading internet portal, offers the Naver Plus Membership, a subscription service designed to elevate the online experience and provide exclusive benefits to its users.


  • Access to premium online shopping with up to 5% return on every transaction with Naver Pay
  • One free content service per month among : music streaming ‘VIBE’, OTT ‘TVING’, sport channel ‘SPOTV’, Naver webtoon, or movie.
  • 80GB storage on Naver cloud service ‘MY BOX’

Usefulness for Foreigners in Korea

If you are an enthusiastic online shopper and accustomed usual delivery period in Korea, Naver Plus is good for you. According to calculation, the annual plan of Naver Plus(46,800KRW/year) can save money with spending only 100,000KRW a month.

3. Passport of SOCAR – Unlocking the Freedom of Mobility (29,900KRW/year)

SOCAR, Korea’s leading car-sharing platform, has gained significant popularity in Korea, as more people opt for car-sharing services to meet their transportation needs. The platform’s efficient reservation system, flexibility in terms of rental duration(booking a car can be made by the minute at any time), and competitive pricing have contributed to its growth. SOCAR’s Passport membership is an integrated membership that allows you to receive benefits from both SOCAR and Tada, taxi booking app.


  • earn up to 5% credit on the amount used when using SOCAR and Tada.
  • 50% discount on SOCAR rental fees
  • free 24-hour rental coupon on weekdays (once a month)
For any purpose, SOCAR is the most convenient car rental system in Korea

Usefulness for Foreigners in Korea

If you have a driver’s license in Korea(including international license) and are an explore, SOCAR Passport fit on you. It’s a convenient and cost-effective way to experience the beauty and charm at the corners of Korea.