Busan Sand Festival 2022: Best of Sand Sculptures

Busan is a venue for many major events that take place annually in Korea. One of such events is Sand Festival, a unique eco-friendly festival which features an exhibition of sculptures made of sand.

In response to the pandemic that has dragged on for over two years now, this year, the main theme of the festival was world travel (모래로 만나는 세계여행). The main event took place from May 20th to 23rd, however, the sculptures remain displayed until June 6th.  The exhibition is situated on Haeundae Beach and completely free of charge for everyone.

The sculptures were made by professional artists as well as amateurs from South Korea and represent the most iconic landmarks from each country. One of the sculptures also features the sign “World EXPO 2030” as Busan has been nominated to be the host country. Speaking of EXPO, make sure to check our detailed review here on Korean Pavilion at EXPO 2020 in Dubai if you haven’t yet!

Busan Sand Festival 2022 EXPO 2030

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most wonderful pieces that visitors can gaze at the exhibition.

Eiffel Tower, France ; Source: @anvarbek_ziyodov (IG)
United States of America
Sydney Opera House, Australia
South Korea
Sheik Zayad Grand Mosque, UAE

Keep in mind that if you travel by car, the parking fee near Haeundae beach is 900won for 30 minutes.  

What will Sand Festival 2023 hold for us? While wondering, try to keep in mind that this event is one of a kind in all of South Korea. As such, we highly recommend you to plan your trip to Busan for the end of May to the beginning of June to check this amazing exhibition.