Interesting cafes for family travelers

There are so many good cafes in Korea, way too many. I also spend much time to hop cafes and enjoy myself, but sometimes it feels they are only mostly for solos, friends and amours.

If you visit Korea with your family and still intend to discover interesting, and at the same time, perfect for all ages – family-friendly cafes, save those places.


The cafe Dotori feels like something out of a fairy tale.

The wooden house and the dolls and props placed here and there create an atmosphere as if you were in a fairy tale.

In addition to coffee, they also sell homemade yogurt and fruit tea, making it a great place to go and enjoy with young children.


Cafe However captivates all five senses with its colorful space and dessert menu that looks like paint spilled on it.

Is it too colorful to be good to eat? You might be tempted to say it, but surprisingly, it tastes okay, and coffee with a savory flavor is also loved by many coffee lovers.

The spacious space and colorful interior make it a great place to stimulate children’s curiosity.

Cheese Industry

Cafe Cheese Industry was created by a cheese company with a ranch motif, and is characterized by robot cows that can be seen from the outside.

It’s a great place to take pictures of the interior and exterior of a barn and a hanok (traditional Korean house) with props.

Obviously because it is a cafe run by a cheese company, the drinks and baked goods containing cheese are of a high standard. The atmosphere that everyone will enjoy and the cheese-based desserts make it a great place to visit with the family.

Rockher / Food influencer, Wine Reviewer

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