Unique Dessert Cafes for Iced-drink Lovers

Now in Korea, summer is over and fall is approaching. I can introduce a variety of foods to suit the new season, but I also want to introduce paradoxically interesting cafes and desserts.
Have you ever heard the expression ‘얼죽아’? The phrase ‘얼어 죽어도 아이스(only ice till frozen to death)’ refers to cafe lovers who drink cold drinks no matter how cold it is, which also means that there are many cafes in Korea where you can enjoy unique desserts regardless of the season.
If the weather is getting chilly and you are ready to enjoy cold desserts like the ‘얼죽아’ Koreans, it would be a good idea to visit the interesting cafes below.

Caffee Mongi

Caffee Mongi is an impressive cafe with meringue-coated Bingsu(Korean shaved ice).

This bingsu is made by topping lemon sorbet with sticky and sweet meringue cream and then searing it over a fire. It has a subtle balance of sweet and sour flavors.

The bingsu is smaller and more expensive than other ones you can find in Korea, but once you try it, you will be amazed at the quality.

Monster Cave

Has anyone heard of tomato coffee?

Monster Cave is a bar-like atmosphere cafe near Hongik University Station.

There are quite a few experimental menu items that match the eccentric interior, and the best of them all is this tomato coffee.

They make a drink by blending raw tomatoes, cold brew coffee, and celery, and then serve it with celery and tomatoes in it. At first glance, you might think it’s a light drink, but it’s surprisingly delicious.

Even though I don’t really like tomatoes, the taste of light and savory vegetable juice with a hint of coffee is very attractive.

Cafe A to B

This cafe is impressive with pretty desserts in combinations that are hard to not taste good.

The watermelon sorbet is said to contain limoncello, and although the liqueur flavor is not strong, it still has a slightly sour taste.

Pigotchi is a recently popular dessert in Korea made of pecans, dried persimmons, and cheese. It would be nice to try it at least once.
And surprisingly, the coffee is strong and has a fairly smooth texture, so it seems like they use quality coffee beans.

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