Fun Concept Wine Bars in Seoul

In the world of wine, tradition and sophistication often take the center stage. Yet, as a wine enthusiast, I’ve always believed that there’s room for gourmets who are seeking to various, but sensitive taste at the same time. (And that’s why I could have been known as a wine influencer)

Seoul, or Korea, never stoping in evolving of culinery culture, is no longer a city boozing only with soju and beer. If you are willing to join the wine lover’s treaky lists of years of discovering, visit these wine bars below. These are not your ordinary bars; they are attractions for those who appreciate the wine but also enjoy a dash of the unexpected.


The owner of this bar is crazy about Italian wine.
They serve over 400 different types of wine, of which more than 70% are Italian. Not only is there a lot of Italian wine, but the owner enjoys introducing and communicating with customers, so it would be better for people who are curious about wine to go there.

The snacks are quite delicious and affordable, so it’s easy to go without worrying about the price.

If you want to maximize the fun of your visiting, it’s recommended to sit at the bar.


If you want to get drunk sweetly, this is the place to go.

IRO is a dessert wine bar where you can enjoy high-quality desserts and matching wines. Desserts using seasonal ingredients for each season are especially great.

They have wine by the glass to match it, so it’s great to enjoy a light glass of wine with dessert.

Wine Vin

Have you heard of wine omakase?

Omakase means ‘to leave it to you’ and is a word usually used when talking about high-end sushi restaurants. Recently, various omakase restaurants are being introduced in Korea.

Among them, Wine Vin uniquely offers wine omakase. Due to the nature of wine, you have to drink the entire bottle once you open it, so it is difficult to drink a variety of wines alone or with two people.

Howeverthe advantage of this place is that you can drink 5 glasses of different wines for 80,000 to 150,000 won. (The higher the price, the more high-end wines become available.) Of course, you can just order 1 or 2 drinks.

* If you call yourself a wine expert, ask to be served blind. It’s fun to drink while guessing what wine you’re being served.

Rockher / Food influencer, Wine Reviewer

Rockher is a respected voice in the Korean wine community with a sharp taste and unbiased evaluations. Interesting Korea and Rockher publish IK.Gourmet for the foreigners who wants to explore various delicacies in Korea.