Good Price & Great Value Dinner Restaurants in Hongdae Area

Who would not visit and love hongdae! It’s full of diversity, vibrance, amusement, brand-new things, and, obviously, endless gourmets!

As many tourists stay hongdae area, people can enjoy hip foods and drinks, but sometimes, you may want a simple and fulfiling meal. And of course yet, delicious.


When Korean people think of pork soup, the first thing they think of is white soup, but the clear broth here is impressive.

The taste of the soup is as clean and refreshing as it looks, but with a deep umami flavor. There is enough meat to fill your stomach, but it has a thin, tender texture and a great flavor.

The kimchi dumplings are also delicious, with the dumpling skin being chewy and the kimchi inside being crunchy, so anyone who likes kimchi will like it.

IRIE Ramen

This ramen restuarnt was already introduced on ‘Best Japanese Ramen Restaurant in Seoul’ edition.

The food here is filling enough to be recommended twice, and at the same time, it provides a meal that will satisfy anyone.

This is a bowl of refreshing ramen made with sea bream. The broth is simply excellent.


A restaurant where you can taste three types of hamburger steak made from chicken, pork, and beef for 15,000 won only.

The meat is slowly grilled over charcoal upon ordering, leaving the meat juicy and full of fiery aroma.

In particular, hamburger steak made from chicken is a delicacy as it has a rich texture due to the cartilage being ground together.

Everything from the pork hamburger steak, which has a good savory oil flavor using whole pork belly, to the beef hamburger steak, which boasts a rich meat flavor, is all delicious.

Rockher / Food influencer, Wine Reviewer

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