Chicken Based Delicacy in Seoul – For Foreigners’ Taste

Let’s embark on a quest to discover the city’s finest chicken restaurants – a topic close to my heart as a Korean foodie but also as a IK.gourmet’s editor at the same time. This is focusing on our cherished visitors, especially those who follow specific dietary guidelines, such as Muslims and Hindus who avoid certain meats.

Join me to find a variety of palates, offering an array of chicken dishes beyond the famed Korean fried chicken. These restaurants are a testament to Seoul’s ability to welcome and satisfy every traveler’s taste.


An eye-catching ramen topped with a whole chicken leg. Here is a famous restaurant in Korea where people line up for several years.

Ramen, with impressive plating reminiscent of a nest, is made using various parts of chicken using appropriate cooking methods (sous vide, grilling, etc.) based on rich broth.

Perhaps that’s why each topping reminds me of a well-made dish.

‘Cinnamon gyoza’, dumplings made with chicken skin, are also a delicacy. Since this place usually has a lot of waiting, it’s a good idea to check the waiting line in advance using the Catch Table app if you can understand Korean.

Rocka Doodle

I dare say this place offers the best chicken burger in Korea.

Chicken is a kind of soul food in Korea, so much so that even foreigners think of Korean fried chicken as a new territory. And in this competitive field, Rocka Doodle has risen to the top spot in Korea with its chicken burgers.

The main dish is a chicken burger with spicy chicken (adjustable spiciness level). The unique spicy seasoning used in the chicken is really savory. It goes without saying that the crispy skin and moist, soft flesh are well preserved.

I recommend ordering two separate pieces of chicken as a side dish. It’s a different kind of fun than eating what’s inside a hamburger.


I was amazed at the idea of putting chicken in waffles.
I always stop by the restaurant whenever I go to Lotte World Mall in Jamsil.

At first, the sight of chicken stuffed between waffles looked strange, but once tasted it, everyone can understood why they did it this way.

The combination of crispy yet slightly sweet waffles and salty, savory chicken went better than expected.
Thinking twice, waffles are just a type of bread… haha.

Kyochon Pilbang

Unlike the other places above, this restaurant is recommended for those who want to enjoy the concept and fun rather than the taste.

Kyochon Chicken is said to be number one in the chicken industry in Korea.
This giant chicken company has recently launched a business with a hip interior design in Itaewon.

The concept is a pilbang, which ia a Korean traditional brushe store, and the entrance is unusual. It starts with an entrance where you pull out a brush, a counter filled with brushes, inkstones, and Korean paper, and in the middle of the store, a huge brush that maximizes the effect of water vapor welcomes us.

The taste of the food itself is no different from the common fried chicken taste you can eat anywhere in Korea. However, if you are willing to pay a little more and enjoy this hip atmosphere, you might want to visit at least once.

Rockher / Food influencer, Wine Reviewer

Rockher is a respected voice in the Korean wine community with a sharp taste and unbiased evaluations. Interesting Korea and Rockher publish IK.Gourmet for the foreigners who wants to explore various delicacies in Korea.