Warm and Hearty Spicy Broth for the Approaching Winter

In cold days like these, there’s nothing better than seeking comfort in a warm and hearty bowl of soup. Particularly, Korea’s unique spicy flavors have given rise to various delicious dishes centered around a hot broth. Here are some perfect places to visit for a flavorful and spicy broth experience this winter.


A specialized restaurant offering various beef-based broth dishes, renowned for its spicy Galbitang (beef rib soup) made with whole beef ribs.

The thoroughly cooked beef ribs are incredibly tender, and the broth provides a rich and savory flavor.

Additionally, the rice, made from Shindongjin rice (developed in Korea in the 90s), served alongside the broth is exceptionally delicious.


If you want to experience authentic Korean spiciness, this restaurant is highly recommended.

On chilly days, enjoying the hearty Daknaejangtang (spicy chicken gizzard soup) and deliciously spicy and tender Dakbal (spicy chicken feet) might just make you crave a glass of soju.

Daknaejangtang is a dish made with ingredients that might not be familiar to foreigners, described as having a taste similar to Gamjatang (pork bone soup with potatoes) but prepared with chicken innards.

The other dish Dakbal (Chicken feet) boasts a long-boiled, tender texture and an addictive spiciness.

Gyeongchunja Ramen

Ramen is undeniably one of the soul foods for Koreans. While it may be a common dish everywhere, this ramen place in Seoul has been in business for decades, offering ramen that goes beyond the ordinary.

If you are a extreme spicy challenger, try their ramen, which boasts an extraordinary level of spiciness. Even if you order it less spicy, be cautious as it can still pack quite a punch.

Regardless of your confidence in handling spiciness, we recommend preparing a banana milk to soothe the heat.

Rockher / Food influencer, Wine Reviewer

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