Exotic foodie places on the hill in Seoul

Seoul is so dynamic, even the geography. Visitors are often surprised that there are so many mountains and hills in the city. Unlike other urban culture abroad, the ‘uptowns’ in Seoul have been poor people’s dwelling shelter.

If you are either into following Seoul’s historic sites or willing to find one of most beautiful sunset observations in Seoul, visit Naksan Park near Dongdaemun, one of hills in central Seoul. Some places with great ideas are popping up in this cliff street located near the top of the hill.

Belows are my founds while I was walking at Naksan Park. The scenery is great, and the old Seoul’s castle wall lights up when it gets dark, so it has a good atmosphere.

Chang Chang Restaurant

Here is a Chinese restaurant with an exterior that looks like it was transported somewhere in Hong Kong and a nice view of Namsan beyond the tall windows.

You can fully enjoy the local Hong Kong feel in the cuisine, and there are many fun things hidden inside the restaurant.

Hong Kong Milk Company

Coincidentally, the places introduced today are all Hong Kong-themed, and Hong Kong Milk Company located just a one-minute walk from the Chang Chang Restaurant introduced above.

This cafe is a milk tea specialty store with a Hong Kong-style interior and an iconic stained glass view.

You may think that only the interior and view are good, but the quality of the leaf tea is exceptionally so that the time here will make you sophisticated.

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