[Year-end Special] New Year’s Toast With Traditional Korean Liquor

Let’s celebrate the new year in special way with IK.Gourmet!

Whether you’ve waited our weekly gourmet series or just dropped by your interests, Interesting Korea and I have tried to introduce hidden spots in Korea for every type of foodie expats.

Waiting for the year end, I also look for brand new places to celebrate, and as a last edition of the first year of IK.Gourmet project, I decided to recommend a special way to toast, comemorating the first edition of this project. If you are a foreigner and in Korea between 2023 and 2024, what about fill your glass with traditional Korean liquor? It will be a rare experience, and also be a great choice to refresh yourself for a new beginning.

Bar Cham

Bar Cham ranked 13th among the ‘Asia Best 50 Bars‘ selected by ‘The World’s 50 Best Restaurants‘ in 2023.

Their cocktails using traditional Korean liquor are unique and has global quality taste at the same time.

The cocktails keep changing every season, and all the staff speaks English well, so it’s easy for foreigners to get recommendations for the drinks they want.

Seochon Gotgan

‘Gotgan’, store house in Korea, has been a place mainly storing grain in Korea since ancient times, so we can say that Seochon Gotgan has a name that matches its characteristics as a traditional liquor.

You can try Western-style Korean food and a wide variety of traditional liquors here.

Rather than simply forcing traditionalism, Seochon Gotgan provides new experiences through modernism that creates diverse harmony.


U-Ilag is famous for its ‘fried red pepper’, one of the traditional Korean pancakes, which is filled with meat inside the pepper.

Choose one of the makgeolli produced in various regions of Korea and eat it with a bite of fried red pepper to nourish your body and mind.

I also recommend trying Korean-style soup tteokbokki, because tteokbokki broth is the best sauce for dipping fried foods.

Rockher / Food influencer, Wine Reviewer

Rockher is a respected voice in the Korean wine community with a sharp taste and unbiased evaluations. Interesting Korea and Rockher publish IK.Gourmet for the foreigners who wants to explore various delicacies in Korea.