Unique desert cafes in Seoul part.1

If there’s one thing that Seoul is known for, it’s the city’s vibrant and eclectic cafe culture. From cozy and quaint coffee shops to trendy and upscale eateries, Seoul has it all. But one particular type of cafe that has been gaining popularity recently is dessert cafes. These establishments specialize in a wide range of sweet treats, from classic cakes and pastries to innovative and Instagram-worthy desserts.

For lovers of all things sweet and indulgent, I set out to explore some of Seoul’s most unique and interesting dessert cafes. Among thousands of wonderful cafes out there, I chose my bests based on its quality and uniquness.

Limil&Milli (Hongdae)

The interior does not stand out much with a comfortable home feeling, but it is a cafe that sells excellent financiers that can be counted in one hand in Korea.

In particular, Salted Caramel Financiers and Noir Coco Financiers are must-try here.
Salted Caramel Financier’s caramel has a richer taste than any other caramel specialty stores that I have ever had.

Plate D(플디 in Cheongdam)

Also called Plate Desert, this cafe has one of most popualar strawberry cakes in Seoul.

A strawberry cake that looks just pretty, and has a slightly firm and chewy texture.
Coconut powder was added in between to maximize the savory taste and texture.

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