Trendy Hanwoo Restaurants for Travelers

Recently, Hanwoo, Korea’s premium beef, has been making waves on YouTube.

So, let’s dive into Seoul’s culinary scene to discover the trendiest Hanwoo restaurants that are worth to become must-visit destinations for travelers.

These recommendations offer authentic flavors and convenient locations, ensuring that every visitor can experience the best of Hanwoo.

Chungkiwa(Blue Roof) Town

This restaurant is gaining popularity due to its retro Korean interior. It has many branches and the quality is good no matter which branch you go.

Galbi(Beef ribs) soaked in sweet and salty seasoning are truly exquisite.

The staff cooks all the meat for you, so you can visit without any worries even if you are not good at BBQ.

Even though Hanwoo is known expensive meat the price of Chungkiwa Town is relatively cheap. Two people eat a lot of Korean beef ribs, the cost hardly exceeds 100,000 won(80USD).

fresh beef ribeye
korean bbq rib grilling
korean bbq rib galbi gril

Sukseong Yukgwan(aged meat shop)

A cost-effective aged hanwoo restaurant.

You can enjoy both tasty and low cost hanwoo because they offer slightly lower-grade meat after aging it.
※The fattier the hanwoo, the higher the grade, but aging is more suitable for meat with less fat (lower grade).

This is an attractive restaurant where the meat is aged really well and the savory flavor spreads as soon as you take a bite.

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