Soul Warming Soup Based Dishes in Busan

As winter’s chill embraces Korea, our culinary journey takes us beyond the familiar streets of Seoul to the vibrant heart of Busan.

Let’s explore the soul-warming magic of hot soup-based dishes at the second largest city, and most beloved touristic destination, Busan. Each spoonful promises a unique insight into a different, yet equally enchanting, part of Korea’s gastronomic landscape.

Sisters Gukbap

Gukbap is a dish you can easily find anywhere in Korea, but it is especially one of the must-eat foods when you go to Busan.

I don’t enjoy Korean food, but I always visit this place when I go to Busan. It’s a classic restaurant in Gwangalli.

The warm soup has a savory taste thanks to the ssamjang-like sauce.

gukbap pork soup with rice
gukbap pork soup with rice spicy
gukbap pork soup with rice

Shabu No.1

This is a shabu-shabu restaurant with a unique taste of soup and meat.

What makes their soup special is that they boil a full bottle of sake in broth.

Also the Berkshire K meat, a native Korean pig, has a unique chewy texture and match well with the soup made from Japanese sake.


The signature of Musubi is hot buckwheat noodle.

A bowl of buckwheat noodle with rich broth and pickled herring makes you feel refreshed to the core and fills me with warmth.

It is located in Haeridan-gil, which is a trendy street of Haeundae, so it is a good place to stop by during your trip.

herring fish with japanese style buckwheat noodle soba

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