A Delicious and Sufficient Bowl, ‘Deopbap’

Often known as Japanese ‘donburi’, deopbap stands tall as one of Korea’s simple yet delicate foods. Variety of ingredients and the chef’s imagination are mixed in a bowl with rice. While foreigners may draw parallels between deopbap and the iconic bibimbap, this hearty bowl offers not only its own distinct flavors, but also visual.


The main dish is pork cutlet deopbap with 5cm thick pork cutlet on top.

In particular, the pork is sous vide once and then fried, so it has a very moist texture on the outside.

Don’t miss the fun of pouring and mixing the egg sauce that is served separately.


Don’t you think you know the concept from the name of the restaurant?

If I were to describe this place in one word, it is ‘the king of fancy deopbap’.

A rice bowl that looks as if it is buried in meat is served with a variety of ingredients.

The meat is grilled over an open fire, so it retains the flavor of the fire, making it super savory.

Rockher / Food influencer, Wine Reviewer

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