Various Pork Cuisines You can choose in Seoul

From succulent grilled pork belly to rich and savory Sundaeguk (Korean pork blood sausage soup), the versatility of pork is an essential ingredient in a wide range of Korean food options. We understand that many foreign visitors to Korea may adhere to dietary restrictions that avoid pork, but as a cornerstone of Korean food culture, pork holds a special place in the hearts and palates of locals and visitors alike.

In this exploration of Seoul’s vibrant dining scene, I want to invite you to join my culinary journey experience through various pork recipes.


Although it is not typically the first food foreigners seek out, ‘Bossam (boiled pork with *ssam)’ is one of the representative recipes Koreans enjoy pork belly.
*Ssam: vegetables such as lettuce, napa cabbage, perilla leaves to wrap the meat.

This place, which has long been a staple in Seoul’s one of most bustling Mok-dong neighborhoods, is a North Korean food restaurant where the combination of tender, light boiled pork and kimchi is nearly perfect.

If you have time, it’s higly reIf you have the time, it’s highly recommended to enjoy a bottle of makgeolli. Bossam and makgeolli always make a fantastic pairing!


There are so many pork cutlet restaurants in Seoul.

If there is a reason why I must recommend this place, it is because the combination of the crispy batter and the soft and moist texture of the pork makes my mouth happy every time I visit.

The shrimp tempura, coated with multiple layers of thin batter and showing off its crispiness, is also really great.

If you are going with a group(just more than 2), it is recommended to order and share the Jaru Udon, which is famous for its chewy noodles.


Pork barbecue is the most representative restaurant menu item in Korean food scene.

This place is a renovated old hanok, so you can feel the warmth from the moment you enter, and maybe that’s why the barbecue here tastes better.

The quality of the meat is simply so good, and the staff cooks it themselves from start to finish, making it very easy to eat.

From delicious fried rice to steamed egg, I can say here has all the qualities that a pork restaurant should have in Korea.

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