More than a cafe – Unique Dessert Gourmets in Seoul

Currently, Korea’s dessert scene is a melting pot of flavors, textures, and cultures.

Beyond the standard fare of cakes and pastries, these establishments offer a tantalizing array of desserts from around the globe, each one a testament to the diversity of culinary traditions.

Join us on a journey through the city’s unique dessert gourmets, which are with unique concepts that have recently been popular in Korea. Every bite tells a story and every sweet treat is a passport to a different corner of the world, of course, including Korea.

Han Gwa Wa Rak(한과와락)

Hangwa refers to traditional Korean snacks. And as you already noticed, this place serves traditional Korean desserts.

Hangwawarak offers Gaeseong Juak(a.k.a Korean traditional doughnut) and Yakgwa(a.k.a Korean traditional sweet cookie), which are recently popular in Korea, in a variety of styles.

Gaeseong Juak is especially excellent, with a chewy and sticky texture, and the variety of ingredients used makes it fun to choose from the plate.


This time, let’s go to an Italian pastry restaurant.
The representative dessert here is kouign-amann.

Kouign-amann is a dessert that originally came from France, but the Italian style is characterized by being more crunchy.

The crispy, savory kouign-amannhere is more like a snack than a bread, and it has a flavor and texture that makes you feel like you stopped by a bakery somewhere in Italy.

The coffee is also quite delicious, so it feels like a lot of thought was put into the harmony of flavors.

44 Means Nothing

The final destination is France, the paradise of desserts.

The pastry chef here knows how to make not only unique name of the cafe, but also unique use of seasonal ingredients.

The desserts are exquisitely designed, and have perfect balance from the sweetness to the texture.

If there is a fruit you like while traveling in Korea, I recommend stopping by at least once during that season.

Rockher / Food influencer, Wine Reviewer

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