Cafes with unique view in Seoul

Wandering Seoul searchin for an unique cafe is always fun, and always good. Mostly you might imagine either instagramable desserts, fascinating interior, or brand-new mixologies, but there is more.

Amidst the bustling urban landscape of Seoul, hidden havens where time seems to slow down and that boast quite spectacular views. Introducing three cafes with unique view that will refresh your mind without having to go far.


This cafe, S.Caf, which has a cute name, is located near the top of Haebangchon(a.k.a HBC), a part of Itaewon, where is most foreign friendly neighborhood in Seoul, and boasts a panoramic view of the city.

In Seoul, it’s actully quite rare to find a cafe with a view like this without anything blocking your sight.

The cold brew coffee here is not only delicious, but the coffee ice is made in the shape of a teddy bear, making it fun to take pictures with Seoul in the background.


It is a charming place with a cave-like atmosphere near Yongsan Station.

The building is made of a hanok (traditional Korean house), which further amplifies the mysterious atmosphere.

The cafe pays a lot of attention to coffee, and their hand-drip coffee is one of my best.

It’s a great place to hang out if you’re looking for a cool break nearby, or it’s close to the station so you can stop by for a cup of coffee if you’re planning on catching the train.


Located right in front of Seoul Forest, it is a large cafe with an impressive open view that makes you feel at ease.

Although large cafes are a trend in Korea these days, it is not easy to expect such a landscape surrounded by nature and balanced desserts in Seoul, but this place meets many advantages.

I think this cafe will be more attractive if you visit through early summer to mid autumn, when the greenery is lush.

herring fish with japanese style buckwheat noodle soba

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