Budget course meal restaurants for your special day

While Korean cuisine is renowned for its rich flavors of side dishes in a table, you might look for something special for an event, or for just elevating your day’s mood.

Let me introduce you to the Western course restaurants that I was satisfied with during my anniversary visits, which have a good atmosphere and taste, but are not too expensive.


I found a restaurant with an impressive luxurious home atmosphere located in Bangbae-dong, also famous as French Village.

The lunch course consisting of appetizers, pasta, and dessert is 50,000KRW(appx. 37USD), and I felt that the quality of the appetizers was good and the perfection of the pasta was quite satisfying.

In particular, the chewy texture of the pasta made in the shape of cat ears is excellent.


The atmosphere is casual, but the overall calm tone is good enough to visit on special occasions.

The basil Genovese pasta was especially excellent, with the chewy texture of the noodles and
I still remember the combination of the fragrant basil flavor and the slightly crunchy texture of the potatoes.

The perfection of the dessert is also surprising, making it a feast for the eyes and mouth until the very end.

At 39,000KRW(appx. 28USD) per person for lunch and 100,000KRW(appx. 74USD) for a two-person course for dinner, the price satisfies everything.


This place offers a Spanish tapas course for 50,000 KRW(appx. 37USD) per person.

Surprisingly, it’s not easy to find delicious Spanish food in Korea, but it’s impressive to see original Spanish-style cuisine presented in an approachable manner.

A meal here is quite satisfying because it has a good selection of Spanish-style food, and the portions are quite large.

Rockher / Food influencer, Wine Reviewer

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