Unique desert cafes in Seoul part.2

With 3 of my best desert cafes in-around Seoul, I’d like to introduce more in the most trendy district in Seoul, Seongsu-dong. Seongsu can be called ‘all about trend of Korea’ at the moment. Not only cafes and restaurants, but also most of trendy events are happening in Seongsu.

Let’s walk with me and step inside the unique desert cafes in Seongsu.


Balance offers high-quality desserts.
The harmony and sophistication of ingredients here is one of the best in Korea.

There are few seats in the store (3 seats), so if you want to eat inside, you must visit during the opening hours.

Cakes will catch your eyes first, but the baked deserts are also excellent, so I recommend you to try them.


Ssijang is a cafe specializing in baguettes with a hip feel.

The interior exudes an exotic atmosphere, and the baguette sandwich with their own recipe with various toppings looks and tastes good.

It’s open from 9:00 in the morning, so it’s good to visit for breakfast while traveling.


Tenne stands out for its unique dessert with toppings on top of a queen amang called New York Roll.

The crunchy and chewy texture of the quinamang and the sweet and chewy taste of the meringue go surprisingly well together.

The visuals are also quite interesting, so it is a good place to take pictures.


Frolla is an espresso bar with a diverse drink options.

I recommend Tiramisu Espresso and Pinocchio. Tiramisu Espresso comes out with cheese and cacao powder on top of the coffee like a real tiramisu cake, and its moist and savory taste is excellent.

Pinocchio is also one of Frolla’s signatures that finishes with smoking bubbles on top of peanut-flavored coffee slush.
It’s fun to capture the moment the smoke explodes either in picture or video.

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