High-end Korean Cuisine Restaurants in Seoul

The high-end Korean cuisine scene has celebrated and revered on the global culinary stage recently. From Michelin-starred excellence to exquisite flavors that captivate the most discerning palates, Korean fine dining has earned its rightful place among the world’s culinary elites.

Here I want to guide you through the realm of the best high-end Korean cuisine restaurants in Seoul worth for your special occasion. Each dish will bring you to a whole new experience of Korean food.


Widely known as ‘Soondae(Korean blood sausage) Omakase Restaurant’, it seems more accurate to describe this place as a North Korean food course meal.

They serve a variety of North Korean-style food while talking about the background of the food and the sincerity of the ingredients, and nearly two-hour meal adds to only the pleasure not even noticing the time flying.

Due to the nature of North Korean food, the seasoning is not strong, but it is soft enough in the mouth and you can feel the taste of each ingredients. Surely the foods will go better in your mouth with alcohol.


Vingle is a natural wine bar casually opened in Seongsu-dong by Mingles above.

You can meet some Mingles’ food at a reasonable price, paring with 200 kinds of wine.

One of attractive points of this place is the well-lit interior, where the boundary between outdoors and indoors is ambiguous.

It’s a wine bar, but it’s better to visit during the day than at night.

Rockher / Food influencer, Wine Reviewer

Rockher is a respected voice in the Korean wine community with a sharp taste and unbiased evaluations. Interesting Korea and Rockher publish IK.Gourmet for the foreigners who wants to explore various delicacies in Korea.