Best Japanese Ramen Restaurants in Seoul (part.1)

Diversity of food culture in Korea embraces various tastes. Even though I just wrote the best high-end Korean cuisine in the previous article, I have to admit that Japanese is a big part of delicacies amongst tongue-stimulating food options you can find in Korea.

So this time, prepare your taste buds for a captivating culinary voyage in the best Japanese ramen, right here in the heart of Seoul. A bowl of perfectly crafted ramen is a masterpiece of flavors, a harmony of textures, and a journey to the bustling streets of Tokyo.

Let’s traverse the city to uncover these hidden gems, where every chupstick-ing transports you to the authentic essence of Japan’s revered noodle tradition.


Ramura’s ramen catches your eyes at a sight with a big chicken leg goes up in a bowl.

It is impressive that not only looks good, but also the recipes are different for each part so that each part can feel the optimal taste.
The soup is very thick, so it’s more filling than most samgyetang.

Cinnamon gyoza sold as a side is a kind of fried dumpling made by filling a chicken skin, and this is another delicacy.


Like Ramura, Sarukame’s ramen also catches your eyes with blue crabs go up in a bowl.

Just looking at it, it looks as if the alcohol you drank the day before will completely melt away, but if you actually drink it, it will really loosen up.

As a side dish, they sell fried food wrapped in char siu(seasoned pork belly), which is also salty and savory, and the taste was amazing.

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