Delicious-warmth : Korean Soup Dish Restaurants

Korean soup dishes are originated in the old days when food was scarce and to be shared with many people using a small amount of ingredients.
Today, with over consuming food situation, its meaning has faded, but foods such as hotpots that are shared with others and soups that fill the hunger with warmth are still loved by many in Korea.
There are quite a few stores in Korea that serve quality soup dishes. Among the many restaurants, I would like to introduce some of my favorite restaurants.

Jungang Haejang

Simply the best gopchang(beef intestine) hotpot restaurant.
Let’s memorize one. When it comes to hotpot in Korea, gopchang(beef intestine) hotpot is the most representative dish. The dish is made by adding spicy seasoning and various vegetables to the intestines of a cow, and has a unique deep and spicy taste.

In particular, Jungang Haejang has hit the jackpot with the gopchang hotpot. If you go during meal time, there is almost always a wait.

If you want to enjoy the real Korean hotpot culture, don’t forget to add fried rice when you’re done with the ingredients. You will experience the taste of fried rice soaked in well-simmered broth.

Yaksu Sundaeguk

Sundae-guk(soup with the Korean blood sausage) is the most common soup dish in Korea, made by boiling pork intestines and sundae.

Yaksu Sundaeguk is a very popular restaurant among many sundae soup restaurants in Seoul.
Just one bowl of soup filled with intestines and pork head meat in a white broth is enough to sustain you for the day.

If you go during relatively off-peak times to avoid meal times, you can also get liver as a service (you have to ask for it). Compared to other sundae restaurants, the moist and soft feeling of the liver is a delicacy, so avoid peak hours if possible.

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