Hand-made Hamburger Places for Solo Eaters

Recently, as the number of single-person households has increased rapidly in Korea, the demand for a quick meal is also increasing.

In the bustling food landscape of Seoul, thanks to this, many handmade burger restaurants have opened up recently and are gaining great popularity. These are not your typical burger spots; they are sanctuaries for those who appreciate the art of solitude and a well-crafted burger. As myself someone who relishes both the flavors of a great meal and the serenity of solo dining, I’ve carefully selected and introduce some of the most delicious ones.

Sunday Burger Club

Sunday Burger Club is a handmade burger restaurant that boasts an amazing appearance with patties filled with ingredients.

The patties are crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, and the chewy buns are top-notch.

Although there is often a wait during meal times, this is a burger restaurant worth visiting if you want to feel satisfied with a simple but full-size burger.

More Many More

More May More makes impressive burgers with juice-flow patties.

Perhaps because the patties are made with Hanwoo(Korean beef), the meat has a rich flavor that is comparable to that of a steak ordered at a high-end restaurant.

*I should mention that here is my favorite handmade burger restaurant in Seoul.


This restaurant gives you an image reminiscent of a luxurious bar.

You can have simple yet juicy patties and burgers that make you feel like they were cooked by hand.

One more special thing about this restaurant is that they serve whiskey to match the atmosphere, so it’s great to have a light drink with a hamburger as a snack.

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