The 43rd Jindo Miracle Sea Road Festival 2023

Akin to a miracle, an event similar to Moses parting the Red Sea occurs in South Korea every spring, where the Yellow Sea drops 42 meters, creating a 2.8 km long and 36 m wide path between Jindo and Modo islands.

The Jindo Miracle Sea Road Festival is an annual cultural event held in Jindo-gun, South Korea. The festival celebrates the natural phenomenon where the sea between Jindo Island and the nearby Modo Island recedes, revealing a 2.8 km long, 40-60 meter wide land bridge for approximately an hour. The event attracts a large number of visitors who come to witness this breathtaking spectacle and participate in various activities such as catching clams, mudflat hiking, and traditional Korean performances.


  • Period : 20 – 22nd of April, 2023
  • Venue : Jindo county
  • Programs
    – Media art
    – Talent Show
    – Games and competitions
    – Parades
  • Entrance fee: 5,000KRW

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20 - 22 April, 2023