Workation Lifestyle Trend and the Best Cities in Korea

Combining work and vacation, ‘workation’ has gained significant traction, transforming the way we view productivity and leisure. The COVID-19 pandemic has played a pivotal role in shaping the workation trend globally. With remote work becoming a necessity due to social distancing measures and travel restrictions, professionals around the world have sought alternative ways to maintain their productivity while seeking a change of scenery.

Workation in Korea has been developing widely after the pandemic outbreak. Country’s attractive workation offerings, including reliable internet infrastructure, well-equipped co-working spaces, and diverse natural and cultural attractions made every edge of Korean cities possible destination for workation. Since the Korean government plans to introduce a workcation visa next year, Korea is now ready to a workation paradise for Koreans and foreigners both.

Here are some of the best workation cities in Korea, each offering a unique blend of professional infrastructure, cultural richness, and unforgettable experiences.

1. Yangyang, Gangwon Province : Best Workation Packages

Whether you seek relaxation or outdoor adventures by the coast, Gangwon Province provide the perfect backdrop for a memorable workation in Korea. The province is making efforts to revitalize the workation in the region. The Gangwon Tourism Organization provides guidance on work spaces and accommodations through the workation website. Companies or individuals can apply for workation or connect with tourism programs.

Furniture brand ‘Desker’ opened a workation space called ‘Desker Workation in Yangyang’. They provide 3 spaces, work/meeting center, relaxing and community space, and accommodation. The workation package includes lodging, office, one-day class, AFTER-WORK club, and work kit. In addition, benefits such as surfboard rental and lesson discounts and cafe discounts are provided to the membership.

source : deskerworkation

2. Jeju: Workation Paradise

Who wouldn’t dream of a digital nomad life on a fantastic island? Jeju Island, all-time-beloved tourist destination known for both Koreans and foreigners, has everything to offer either nature beauty or cultural expeience.

Jeju beckons workation travelers with its picturesque working landscape and endless attractions for vacationing. Jeju is emerging as one of the best working locations in Korea, and shared offices are located all over the place. Here are some recommendations for foreign digital nomads.

NEXT CHALLEGNE’s ‘K-Digital Nomad in Seogwipo’

The Global Accelerator Foundation NEXT CHALLEGNE has built and is operating a co-working space ‘StartupBay’ to revitalize the local startup ecosystem in Seogwipo.

K-Digital Nomad in SEOGWIPO is a workation supporting program to attract promising talents and build a startup ecosystem network. Participants are recruited every year, and once selected, accommodation, working space, networking, mentoring, and local tours in Seogwipo are provided for free.

2023 K-Digital Nomad in Seogwipo(ended)

Jilgeuraengi Tourist Center

Located in Sehwa-ri, Jeju, which is famous for its clean and calm beach, shared office in ‘Jilgeuraengi Tourist Center’ offers a panoramic view of the Jeju sea through the open windows. What makes this place special from other places is that it is run by the people of the village. This was once a welfare town, but when it became useless due to a decrease in residents, the village resident association led the remodeling of the building. It is operated in the form of the village’s office on the 1st floor, a cafe on the 2nd floor, a shared office on the 3rd floor, and an accommodation on the 4th floor.

3. Tongyeong : Uprising Workation Hidden Gem

Tongyeong is known for many “firsts” in Korea, including the Hallyeosudo Marine Cable Car, Tongyeong Luge, and Dongpirang Mural Village. People visit Tongyeong not only to experience these attractions, but also to enjoy its stunning islands, picturesque ocean views, and delicious seafood.

Even though Tongyeong is not one of ‘first’ must-visit tourist destinations in Korea, the city is worth for workation because of its everything offered in compact area and enchanting ambiance. And there are unique workation packages you can consider.

Dear Monday Tongyeong

Dear Monday Tongyeong is a workation platform that offers a unique structure where the coworking lounge is surrounded by guest rooms. All rooms are both a rest area and a private workspace at the same time, offering beautiful views and perfect immersion.


Tong-cation is a workation plan that allows you to work remotely from a resort in front of the sea in Tongyeong. The package product includes accommodation, office, and local guide tour in reasonable price. Different from other workation packages, Tong-cation allows you to choose various options where to stay and work, what to experience, and how long to stay following your plan. Selected to promotional local tourism product of Tongyeong in 2023, Tong-cation plans to offer promotion for workation-dreaming foreigners in Korea.