3D2N Unforgettable Weekend Itinerary in Busan, South Korea

With the overseas travel restrictions around the world, Korea has made a lot of developments to its local region travel scene for its people. One area, in particular, is Busan, the largest port in Korea and in the southern region. Busan is known for its beautiful beaches, clean air, warmer temperature, and cafes with breathtaking views.

In the past, taking a KTX (Korea’s fastest rail) was the popular method of transportation to Busan other than driving, however, with the prices of air tickets dropping, taking a plane to Busan from Seoul has slowly become a preferred method among many due to its relatively cheaper pricing and quicker, 40-minute journey. The biggest difference between taking the train and the plane is that the respective airports are further from the city center.

Due to this trend, many couples and friends have begun to do weekend trips to Busan. A short weekend getaway from the busy city life to a relaxing weekend with lovely ocean views, a serene atmosphere, and a change of environment is definitely a life requirement.

Day 1: Friday – Cafes & Restaurants

1. Rendéjà-vous

If you’re able to take a day off or even a half-day leave, that would be optimal. If not, even a quick visit to a cafe before hitting the hay wouldn’t be a loss either. One of the cafes to definitely visit is Rendéjà-vous Haeundae.

Great cafe design, gorgeous photo spots, and quality grade drinks. It’s definitely a good place to hang out and chill with a gorgeous view of the ocean.

Name: Rendéjà-vous Haundae Outlet

Address: 23 Dalmaji-gil 62-beongil, Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea

Opening Hours: 09:30am – 12:00am

2. Burger Shop

Another place you can choose to go to would be a burger joint. The Burger Shop has two outlets, one in Seomyeon and one in Haeundae. I chose to go to the Seomyeon one as I was on the way through the city and it was the nearer choice.

A very cute and cozy little place by the corner, the Burger Shop offers a few varieties of burgers with add-ons such as french fries and drink combos. The shop and its interior design are aesthetically pleasing, reminding one of the American-style diners.

The burgers might be a little on the pricey side, but the smashed patties are juicy and delicious, burger buns well toasted, and vegetables and condiments fresh. Definitely worth checking out when you’re in the neighborhood.

Name: Burger Shop (Seomyeon)

Address: 11 Dongcheon-ro 108-beongil, Busanjin-gu, Busan, South Korea

Opening Hours: 11:00am – 08:30pm

Day 2: Saturday – Train Rides, Ocean Views, and Photography Spots

1. Haeundae Blue Line Park

Haeundae Blue Line Park in Busan is a newly created attraction in Busan along the coastal line, connecting 2 of Busan’s beaches: Haeundae Beach and Songjeong Beach. There are two types of railways available: the Seaside Train (해변열차) and Sky Capsule (스카이캡슐). The Seaside Train runs on a ground-level railway for a total of 6 stops and the Sky Capsule runs on an elevated railway for a total of 2km. The trains and capsules come in different colors and are a beautiful sight to behold against the vast blue ocean.

The prices for the respective trains are as below:

The Seaside Train has 6 stops, each with its own attractions and sights. With the one-way ticket, you may only alight once at any stop. With the two-way ticket, you may alight twice at any stop. The Free Pass allows you to alight and board anywhere, however, you may only board at each station once. (Essentially, this just means you may alight and board 6 times).

You may go from either Mipo Station (Haeundae Beach), or Songjeong Station (Songjeong Beach) as your starting point and head to each stop once using the Free Pass. The Seaside Train, while being a tourist attraction is sometimes used by the citizens of Busan as a form of transport as well because they get discounts. The train is shared with any member of the public that holds a ticket. It takes roughly 30 minutes from Mipo Station all the way to Songjeong Station.

For a more private experience, you may opt for the Sky Capsule, in 2-, 3-, or 4-pax groups. However, the Sky Capsule only goes from Mipo Station to Cheongsapo Station or vice versa and it takes roughly 30 minutes for a single trip.

Each stop along the Seaside Train has its own interesting spots and sights to see, and I will list them out in order from Mipo Station as the starting point.

a. Dalmaji Tunnel

A tunnel with colorful window panes along the tunnel makes for a great spot to watch the trains go by. This stop is within a walking distance of Mipo station. Along the way, you will realize that there is also a walking path along the route of the train, and sometimes people actually walk through the pathway as a form of exercise instead of taking the train. It’s also frequently used as a jogging path during the warmer parts of the year.

b. Cheongsapo

Cheongsapo is a fishing port where there are many raw fish or Hoe 회 (pronounced hway) restaurants around the area. It also became a trendy spot for photographers at the spot above for when the Seaside Train passes by the traffic light due to the view of the ocean in the background. You may head to one of the restaurants here for lunch before continuing on the journey to Songjeong Beach.

c. Daritdol Skywalk

Here is a skywalk, or observatory, which provides a breathtaking 180-degree view of the ocean. A lovely short stop where you can properly appreciate and take in the vast magnificence of the sea and enjoy the fresh scent of the open waters while listening to the sound of the waves.

d. Gudeokpo

Another fishing port with many up-and-coming restaurants and cafes in the area. It isn’t a location where many people get off but you can still find a few beautiful photo spots by the port as well as the little alleyways between buildings toward the ocean.

e. Songjeong Station

Songjeong Station is the final stop of the train route when you are coming from Mipo Station. Some notable photo spots would be the ticket office itself, the beach, and many cafes nearby. Compared to Gwanggalli Beach and Haeundae Beach, Songjeong Beach is known to be quieter and has fewer people so it’s a lovely place to spend the afternoon, either by the beach or in a cafe.

Name: Haeundae Blue Line Park

Address: 11 Dalmaji-gil 62-beongil, Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea

Opening Hours: 09:30 am with various closing times (Refer to the table below)

2. Suwolgyeonghwa Cafe (수월경화)

After arriving at Songjeong Station, you may take some time to check out Songjeong Beach. Thereafter, head over to Suwolgyeonghwa Cafe for an afternoon snack and tea before taking the train back towards Mipo Station. This cafe is absolutely stunning and is known for its picturesque view of the beach and the Seaside Train. On top of that, it’s a very quaint and stylish cafe that fully embraces traditional Korean architecture.

This cafe specializes more in tea and their traditional Korean snacks so do be certain to purchase those! They also have a beautiful interior and an interesting photo spot where the entryway to a room is circular. On top of that, they have an exquisite view of the ocean that features the Seaside Train every once in a while.

Name: Suwolgyeonghwa Cafe (수월경화)

Address: 4F, 188 Songjeongjungang-ro 6-beongil, Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea

Opening Hours: 11:00am – 09:00pm

3. Cheongsapo

As mentioned above in 1b, this place is known for the beautiful photography spots of the Seaside Train as well as the Sky Capsules against the sea. However, it is also an excellent location when the sun sets as the pastel orange colors meet the blue hue of the ocean and the train. It has become quite a trendy spot in recent times.

Thereafter, you can head for dinner near Haeundae Beach area and then head back to your accommodations for the night.

Name: Cheongsapo

Address: Jung 1-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea

Opening Hours: None, but take note of the last running times of the trains/capsules

Day 3: Sunday – Healing Walks, Photography Spots, and Sights

1. Huinnyeoul Culture Village

Take a bus or drive over to Yeongdo, the birthplace of Kang Daniel for a day visiting the famous Huinnyeoul Culture Village (흰여울문화마을). Not only do you get the view of the beautiful ocean, but there are also a number of restaurants, cafes, and shops which have a stunning landscape view. The name of this village is derived from the white foamy waves that form along the rocky shore. ‘Huinn’ means white, and ‘Yeoul’ means waves.

Be sure you recharge yourself with some delicious food before starting your journey as it will require a lot of walking. One tip I got from a Busan resident is to head up to the top of the village if you’re taking a bus or a taxi as walking downhill will be significantly less tiring than climbing uphill.

Name: Huinnyeoul Culture Village

Address: 605-3 Yeongseon-dong 4-ga, Yeongdo-gu, Busan, South Korea

Opening Hours: None, but do note that there are people living here so do not go too late at night.

2. Giant Tonkatsu (거인왕돈까스) – Lunch

Any of the nearby restaurants will provide a lovely view while indulging in some mouthwatering delights. I chose to go to Giant Tonkatsu (거인왕돈까스) for some Korean Ramyeon and Tonkatsu before starting my trip out. It was really calming to enjoy a piping hot bowl of noodle soup while staring into the unending stretches of the sea.

Apart from the coastal walk along the shoreline, the village has a number of attractive photo spots along the small alleys and stairways throughout. Some of these places have become so popular with the youths that people queue up to take photos.

Name: Giant Tonkatsu

Address: 218-2 Jeolyeong-ro, Yeongdo-gu, Busan, South Korea

Opening Hours: 11:00am – 07:00pm

3. Huinnyeoul Coastal Tunnel (흰여울해안터널)

One of these famous spots is located at the tunnel at the end of the coastal walkway where a photo is taken from the inside, and the tunnel makes for a unique rounded frame with a background of the ocean. From the entrance of the village, facing the sea, keep heading left till you see a tunnel.

4. Staircase at the Huinnyeoul Observatory (흰여울전망대)

Another stairway with some shrubbery overhead creates an oblong rectangular frame with the view of the sea looks particularly breathtaking during sunset. Head to the Huinnyeoul Observatory, down the wooden steps, and to the left and you should see this view.

Name: Huinnyeoul Observatory

Address: 258 Jeolyeong-ro, Yeongdo-gu, Busan, South Korea

Opening Hours: None

5. Rainbow Walls

Along the coastal walk, you should be able to spot certain areas with rainbow-colored walls, which also make for a unique photo with a gorgeous background. There is also an area along the walk where you can go down toward the shoreline and have some photos taken with the azure blue waters.

6. Huinnyeoul Beach Cafe

Thereafter, you can head to a cafe for a short break. When people search for cafes in Huinnyeoul Village, most will see Aether Cafe as it got really popular during the last few months of 2021. A few blocks down, there’s another cafe that’s pink in color called the Hyuinnyeoul Beach that appealed to me a lot more than Aether.

Though the shores of this village have no sand, this cafe will definitely give you the vibes of a beach. The interior, rooftop, and terrace are all intricately designed to create a vibe that accentuates the sun and the sea.

Name: Huinnyeoul Beach Cafe

Address: 236 Jeolyeong-ro, Yeongdo-gu, Busan, South Korea

Opening Hours: 11:00am – 08:30pm

7. Gwangalli Beach

Thereafter, depending on the timing of your flight/train, you may choose to either head to Gwangalli Beach during the sunset or at night for an unrivaled view of the Gwangalli Bridge at night. I, myself, chose the golden hours of sunset and the view did not disappoint.

Name: Gwangalli Beach

Address: 219 Gwanganhaebyeon-ro, Suyeong-gu, Busan, South Korea

Opening Hours: None

8. Caffeine Charger

Should you wish to grab a cup of coffee while appreciating the view, Caffeine Charger up on the second floor will astound you with its open-air view of the beach and of the bridge. The chic granite interior decor makes the blue and beige background stand out even more. On top of the wonderful view and aromatic scents of coffee, you’ll experience a hint of the sea that surprisingly goes hand in hand perfectly.

Name: Caffeine Charger

Address: #202, 2F, 237 Gwanganhaebyeon-ro, Suyeong-gu, Busan, South Korea

Opening Hours: 11:00am – 10:00pm

That’s it for my 3D2N itinerary to Busan! It would be a short but refreshing trip with all the beautiful sights, delicious food, and vibrant atmosphere. I hope that this guide was of help to you on your planning.