LoveBlanc – Cafe in Pohang with an Ocean View

Pohang has become a popular place among locals in recent months due to an increase in domestic travel during the global pandemic. As such, many beautiful cafes have opened up along the coastal line, allowing for breathtaking views of the ocean while sipping a cup of coffee.

A beautiful 4-story cafe with an exquisite ocean view near the city of Pohang, LoveBlanc boasts panoramic views of the sea on all 4 floors. The entrance to the cafe is on the first floor, where you place your food and drink orders. You are then free to choose whether to sit in the basement, first floor, second floor, rooftop, or the outdoor terrace seating. All four floors have an impeccable view of the ocean.

The drinks and bakery products are relatively affordable, considering the space, location, and design of the cafe. The view of the second floor shows the vast ocean as well as the open terrace area which you can wander around. The rooftop area view is breathtaking however during the winter the winds blow extremely cold.

You can access the outdoor terrace from the basement and at the end of the terrace, there is a beautiful photo spot where the white wall contrasts well with the blue waters. There is just something about clear blue waters that soothe your soul and bring calm and serenity.

Next to LoveBlanc is also a lovely beach that has an amazing mix of water, rock, trees, and soil. The picturesque landscape of the east sea of Korea is definitely something to behold, coupled with the fact that there are no ships or fishing boats in sight makes this place even more perfect.

Do take note that this place is quite inaccessible by public transport. The easiest way would be to either rent a car or to take a taxi from Pohang city. Public transport by bus will take roughly an hour with 1 hour via bus 5000 from Pohang Station (포항역) and thereafter Songra2 from Songra Ipgu (송라입구).

Name: LoveBlanc (러블랑)

Address: 232 Jigyeong-ri, Songra-myeon, Buk-gu, Pohang, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Operating Hours: 09:30am to 09:30pm