Local-like Western Cuisine Restaurants in Seoul

In our last culinary adventure, we invited you into the heartwarming ambiance of traditional Korean bars. This time, let’s pivot to a different palate through Seoul’s Western cuisine.

These gems below stand out for their commitment to European culinary authenticity, enough to be called ‘a testament to Seoul’s diverse and international appitite’, offering experiences that whisk you away to the streets of Paris or the hills of Tuscany, right here in the heart of the city.

Trust me, I’ve traveled only for foodie explores especially to Europe, and am quite confident about recommending those places.

Via Toledo Pasta bar

You can tell what this place is just by hearing the name. Via Toledo Pasta bar is a pasta restaurant that serves a course meal of fresh noodles.

It is run by a chef who has experience working at a Michelin 3-star restaurant in Italy.

The food and atmosphere are truly authentic as if you were eating in Italy, and the variety of pastas that focus on the taste of the ingredients are all excellent.

*Tip for visitors : It is difficult to make a reservation, but if there is a reservation cancellation, they post it on their Instagram story, so it would be a good for foreigners to follow the account and make a reservation through DM.


Here is a charcuterie(salt fermented pork) restaurant so renowned that it was even featured in the Michelin Guide.

In particular, you can feel the feeling of eating in France from the buttery scent, perhaps because they use butter well.

The sausage pasta, duck leg confit, and French blood pudding are recommended most.


Panello is a famous Italian pizza restaurant with excellent chewy dough.

Perhaps because it is well-baked in a strong oven, it retains the unique chewy feel of eating it in Italy.

The pasta and steak are quite delicious, but I definitely recommend trying the pizza here.

They offer a wide variety of Italian wines, making it popular among wine enthusiasts in Seoul.

Rockher / Food influencer, Wine Reviewer

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