Unique Dessert Cafe in Seoul

Korea may not be the largest dessert market in the world, but probably one of most dynamic markets in the world when in comes to varieaty of cafes and its evolution.

We’ve already introduced many unique cafe series through the articles, and today’s choices are focused how desserts and cafe culture have been ‘Koreanized’ in fun and delicious way.

Belows are not even well known for Korean, so quite worth to try in 2024 as a foreign visitor if you want to become one of first next ‘instagramable or titokable cafe pioneers’


Cafe Ahoo, located in Seongsu, already the hottest cafe street in Korea, is a dessert restaurant that can be described as ‘sophisticated’ in both taste and appearance.

This cafe is unique in that the high-quality desserts made by pastry chefs who studied abroad have a vaguely Korean look and taste.

In particular, the chocolate mousse cake with rabbit-shaped decoration is truly exquisite, with a luxurious chocolate flavor that has never been experienced in Korea before, perhaps because the chocolate itself is of high quality.


In Yeonhui-dong, where all the cafe cultures around the world seem to gather, this is a cafe where you can taste traditional Korean teas such as plum tea and buckwheat tea and desserts made with seasonal fruits.

In particular, this is a place where desserts using seasonal fruits from Korea stand out, and it feels like a variety of imaginations have been turned into reality.

The dessert menu changes depending on the season, but the perfection is so high that you don’t have to worry about choosing, so you can eat it with confidence no matter what you eat.


It would be more appropriate to describe this place as a dessert bar rather than a cafe. Here serves desserts and cocktails.

In the case of desserts, seasonal ingredients in Korea are mainly used, and the use of unique ingredients such as burdock as well as fruits is especially interesting.

The quality of the cocktails is also top-notch, making it a great place to visit in the evening and enjoy a drink with dessert if you were wandering around Itaewon.

Rockher / Food influencer, Wine Reviewer

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