5-day Treasure Hunt in Daegu & Yeongju(closed)

[Sponsored] We are looking for 10 foreign digital creators to discover hidden gems in Daegu & Yeongju that tourists didn't know well!

* It’s closed event


We are looking for 10 foreign digital creators to discover hidden gems in Daegu & Yeongju
that tourists didn’t know well!

 #treasurehunt #Daegu #Yeongju #KTO #visitdaegu #visityeongju

[What are the hidden TREASURES in Daegu and Yeongju?] 🏞

Daegu is the largest city in the Gyeongsangbuk-do area(the 4th-largest urban city) in Korea.

In Daegu, there is a historic central area packed with heritage; some excellent eating options; and an energetic downtown to explore.

Yeongju is located in Gyeongsangbuk-do, and takes great pride in its Confucian history and traditional Korean culture. Yeongju is known as the City of Seonbi (*Seonbi: virtuous scholars during the Goryeo and Joseon periods of Korea). With its scenic backdrops and old-time atmosphere, it has become a popular place where many Korean historical dramas are filmed.
From the exciting activities in Daegu to calming little villages in Yeongju,
you can make a peaceful getaway here.
[What to Expect]👀
Stay in Daegu & Yeongju for 5 days and discover various charms from the creator’s perspective!
You can expect from the tour:
1) You can choose and enjoy your own itinerary. (Managers will help your travel if needed)
2) Explore hidden gems in Daegu and Yeongju with a group of creators!

3) Broaden your network with creators around the world!

– Free Accommodation
– Free Meals
– Free Transportation
– Tickets for some activities
– Networking & Team building program
– Chilling and peaceful experiences in Daegu & Yeongju areas
We support all of these things to TREASURE HUNTERS!

[Applying Period]⏳
August 11th (Thu) – August 17th (Wed), 2022

August 19th (Fri)

[Number of Participants]👫
10 people

*Applicants who has more than 5,000 followers/subscribers are preferred
(Instagram or Youtube, etc)

[Tour Date]📆

We have 1st and 2nd batch for this trip!
*All participants have time to meet in Yeongju!
🎈1st batch
– Aug 26 (Fri) – Aug 30 (Tue) /  5 Days 4 Nights
🎈2nd batch
– Aug 28 (Sun) – Sep 1(Thu) / 5 Days 4 Nights
– Meeting Place: TBD
*Transportation to destination is provided for those coming from other areas
[About the Tour]🧳
Each batch will be a mixture of individual and group tours.
– Individual Tour
Explore Daegu by yourself according to the theme of your choice
– Group tour
Enjoy traditional culture in the wonderful natural scenery of Yeongju with your team
During and after the trip, creators are required to carry out the following duties:
– (During the trip) 2~3 IG stories per day /
– (After the trip) Create more than 5 digital content using the following channels (Instagram/Facebook posts, Youtube, Tiktok videos, etc…)

※ There may be some change in the detail of the duty.

▶Social Media(Instagram, Facebook, etc)
– Post carousel posting of the tour spots (at least 3 pictures and details of the spots).

– Reels that is full of creativity and shows the beauty of the place.
– Add Instagram Highlights for “Daegu & Yeongju”.

– Last longer than 5 minutes

– Write an article from the perspective of the individual tourist.
The article should contain:
– Information that would help foreign tourists
– Decent pictures (at least 5)

[Contact Us]ℹ️

※ The details and schedule of this recruitment is subject to change depending on committee’s situation.

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