Damyang Bamboo Festival 2024

Experience Nature's Harmony at Juknokwon - Where Tradition Meets Festivity!

The Jukchwi Festival, derived from the tradition of villagers gathering to plant bamboo, takes place in the Juknokwon Bamboo Forest and the Gwanbangjerim Forest, designated as a natural monument, on Jukchwi Day. Visitors can enjoy various bamboo-themed activities such as bamboo rafting, bamboo water gun shooting, and bamboo canoeing, while strolling through the forest emitting phytoncides and negative ions. The Gwanbangjerim Forest, near Juknokwon, features towering trees over 300 years old. Visitors can also enjoy Damyang’s local cuisine on the grassy fields, watch performances, and participate in various events.


  • Period: 11-15th May, 2024
  • Venue: 119, Juknokwon-ro, Damyang-eup, Damyang-gun, Jeollanam-do
  • Program:
  1. Cultural Performances
  • Opening Celebration Performances (featuring Kim Jong-kook, Seol Woon-do, So Chan-hwi, etc.)
  • Drone Lighting Show
  • Bamboo Spirit Ritual
  • Rock & DJ Party
  • Fire Album Fireworks Show
  • Performances by Local Art Groups
  • Closing Ceremony
  1. National Competitions
  • National Youth Drawing Competition, National Youth Creativity Festival
  • Damyang Hometown Love Trot Singing Contest, National Drone Sports Competition
  1. Experience Programs
  • Bamboo Rafting and Canoeing Experience, Relaxation in the Bamboo Forest
  • Making Traditional Korean Alcohol, Making Bamboo Water Guns
  • Bamboo Slingshot Shooting, Bamboo Ball Throwing, Making Bamboo Lanterns
  • Vocational Experience at Jeollanamdo Provincial University: Beauty, Drone, etc.
  1. Event Programs
  • First-ever Night Opening of Juknokwon
  • Big Success in Making Traditional Korean Alcohol
  • Eco-friendly Plogging Event
  • Yukwiz Challenge
  1. Sale of Damyang Specialty Products and Food
  • Sale of Agricultural and Specialty Products, Local Food
  • Promotion of Hanwoo (Korean beef) Consumption, Baking and Traditional Liquor Hi-ball Experience

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11-15 May, 2024