Gangneung Danoje Festival 2023

Gangneung Dano Festival is a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and a festival with a thousand-year tradition.

The 2023 Gangneung Dano Festival will be held for eight days from June 18 to June 25 under the theme of Dano and Bowhasa.
Gangneung Danoje Festival features a ritual, the essence of traditional culture, a “gutpan” where gods and people communicate, the nation’s largest orchid (including food), and abundant programs such as state-designated cultural property events, civic trips, and folk games.


  • Date: June 18th – 25th, 2023
  • Venue: Danojang-gil 1, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do, South Korea
  • Admission: Free
  • Programs:
    – Designated Cultural Heritage Event
    – Dano Experience Village
    – Multicultural Experience Village
    – Folk games
    – Performance at the Regional Representative Arts Festival
    – Traditional Yeonhui Hanmadang
    – A stage performance
    – Youth festival

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18 - 25 June, 2023