Night of Jeonju and Heritage Story

Unveiling the Nighttime Treasures: Jeonju Cultural Heritage Night Tour 2023 - Eight Nights of Spectacular Exploration

The 2023 Jeonju Cultural Heritage Night Tour will take place over two four-day periods, from May 26th to 27th and from October 13th to 14th. With the theme of “Walking through the Palace of the Pungpae-oriented King” and the slogan of “8夜 (eight nights),” the program consists of 24 detailed programs. The goal of this year’s Jeonju Cultural Heritage Night Tour is to enhance the appeal of each program and encourage the participation of both citizens and tourists. Additionally, the festival aims to showcase the cultural heritage of Jeonju in a way that reflects the contemporary times, establishing itself as a must-visit event.


  • Date: May 26th – 27th, 2023
  • Venue: 44 Taejoro, Wansangu, Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea
  • Programs:
  1. The Sorcerers of Light
    • Fireworks Show
    • Cultural Heritage Shining Space: A beautiful light display throughout Hanok Village
    • Live Broadcasting of Night Trip TV: Online broadcast of Jeonju Cultural Heritage Night Trip
  2. Cultural artisans
    • Pre-Gyeonggi Zombie Annals: A Joseon fantasy program to discover the lost Joseon Dynasty annals
    • Cultural Heritage Joseon Parade: A grand parade featuring artists
    • Cultural Heritage Jingeom Competition Site: A competition site for Hanmadang (traditional festival) where everyone can participate and enjoy
    • Cultural Heritage Entertainment: Audience-participatory game program held in Jeolla Gamyeong
    • Five-themed neighborhood tour of Hanok Village: Guided tour with commentary based on five themes
    • Catch a cultural property thief: An event where participants find and certify a thief to receive stickers
  3. Storytellers
    • Jeolla Gamyeong is back: Historical stories about Jeolla Gamyeong told by Jeolla Observatory
    • Jeolla Gamyeong Crime Scene: A room escape game to solve the ‘Kang Tae-yoon Murder Case’ from the Joseon Dynasty
    • Cultural Heritage Storyteller: Behind-the-scenes stories of the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty told by an officer
    • Exploring Life to Catch Cultural Heritage N: An experiential place for people with various talents
    • Cultural Heritage Board Game Competition: Learning a historical Joseon board game taught by a traditional playwright
  4. Artisans of painting
    • Fireworks in the Cultural Heritage Street: Create your own Joseon-style portrait with a painter from the Joseon Dynasty
    • Cultural Heritage Fantastic Scribble Book: National Scribble Book using Blacklight in Cultural Heritage
    • Cultural Heritage Experience Playground: A space to experience various kits at Jeonju Cultural Heritage Night
    • Jeonju Cultural Heritage Night Video Contest: A video contest for citizens and tourists to participate in
  5. Performers
    • Cultural Heritage Concert “Pungryu Hanmadang”: Joint performances by intangible cultural properties, Korean traditional music troupe, and local artists
    • Meet Taejo and Nighthaeng: A delightful encounter with King Taejo Lee Seong-gye and Nighthaeng, the mascot of Jeonju Cultural Heritage Nighthaeng
  6. Food handlers
    • Cultural Heritage Pungryu Hanbalsa: Sharing Hanbalsa Moju (traditional Korean alcoholic beverage) with everyone who participated in the festival
  7. Travel artisans
    • Cultural Heritage 1 Night 2 Days: A healing camping program to spend one night at a cultural heritage site

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26 - 27 May, 2023