Q-CODE: Easier way to enter Korea without Quarantine (April 2022)

Streamlined immigration (e.g. quarantine exemption for fully vaccinated overseas entrants)
– Effective Fri, Apr. 1: Quarantine exemption for fully vaccinated entrants
– Effective Mon, Mar. 21: Immigration screening (e.g. vaccination record) via Q-Code*
Link here (cov19ent.kdca.go.kr)

Quarantine exemption for overseas entrants (all of whom were subject to quarantine for 7 days since the Omicron outbreak) to be applied only to “fully vaccinated and domestically registered entrants” as of Mon, Mar. 21, and expanded to be applied to “fully vaccinated but not domestically registered entrants” as of Fri, Apr. 1

– Fully vaccinated and domestically registered entrants: Those who have been fully vaccinated in Korea or abroad, and their vaccination record is registered on Q-Code.

– Fully vaccinated but not domestically registered entrants: Those who have been fully vaccinated abroad, but their vaccination record is not registered on Q-Code.

Quarantine exemption eligibility is set in accordance with the vaccination criteria set by the WHO (Attachment 1): those who are within 14 to 180 days after receiving their second dose vaccination (first dose for Johnson & Johnson), and those who have received their third dose vaccination.

– Immigration screening (e.g. vaccination record) via Q-Code to be applied to overseas entrants of all flights arriving at Incheon International Airport (ICN) as of Mon, Mar. 21.

– Vaccination record of those who have been fully vaccinated in Korea or fully vaccinated abroad and registered their vaccination record in Korea is automatically linked with COOV (COVID-19 vaccination certification service) via Q-Code.

– Vaccination record of those who have been fully vaccinated but not domestically registered must be entered manually and certificate of vaccination uploaded to Q-Code, and be subject to quarantine exemption as of Fri, Apr. 1.

* Unvaccinated persons are subject to quarantine as per norm (self-quarantine for Korean nationals and long-stay foreign nationals, and facility quarantine for short-stay foreign nationals).

Modes of quarantine transport (i.e. personal vehicle, quarantine taxi, designated KTX train) for overseas entrants to be suspended as of Fri, Apr. 1 pursuant to the circumstances of nationwide COVID-19 protocols considering local governments’ involvement, and all overseas entrants will be allowed to use public transport.

COVID-19 tests currently conducted on all entrants 3 times (i.e. before arrival, day of arrival, and sixth/seventh day of arrival) to be streamlined to include RAT* test for entrants on their sixth/seventh day of arrival (effective Mar. 10).

* Those subject to self-quarantine and exempt from quarantine may choose from either self-test or RAT test at a medical institution/screening clinic. Those subject to facility quarantine subject to PCR test (as-is) in consideration of the hospitalization/discharge procedures and the ease of pooling.

However, entrants from high-risk countries* to be subject to quarantine being fully vaccinated in consideration of the degree of risk for each country and the burden of domestic quarantine.

* The exemption does not apply to entrants from Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and Myanmar.

Overview of Q-Code


(Purpose) Disease control and prevention via QR code scans of data entered by overseas entrants before entering the country → Reduced quarantine station’s operational turnover time (e.g. queue) and strengthen follow-up management using entered data.

(Details) QR code issued or printed upon entering: personal information (e.g. passport number), arrival/visit information (e.g. departure country, flight, place of stay, contact details), and quarantine-related information, etc.

* Q-Code (URL): cov19ent.kdca.go.kr

Quarantine Details

  1. (Negative PCR test certificate) Enter data within 48 hours of departure (as of midnight)
  2. (Vaccine certificate) Check the updated vaccination record data imported via COOV service
  3. (Quarantine exemption certificate) Search via Consular Services 24 (consul.mofa.go.kr) and enter data
  4. (Health declaration form) Enforcement Rule of the Quarantine Act (Form 7)