Suwol Gyeonghwa (수월경화/水月鏡花) – Best Cafe in Busan

Tea, Sweets, Beach, Train, What Else?!

Tucked away on the third floor of a building facing the beach lies Suwol Gyeonghwa (수월경화), a cafe that specializes in tea and traditional Korean snacks with a view that brings calm to your very soul. Hands down the best cafe that I have visited in the past year.

Suwol Gyeonghwa (수월경화) written in the traditional Hanja is 水月鏡花, and it translates to the reflection of the moon in the water or flowers in the mirror, and it talks about something that can be seen but cannot be caught, taken, or held.

The decoration and the interior of the place are apt for its name. It’s extremely meaningful and can be evidenced by the things that you see that may or may not be captured by mere photos. Suwol Gyeonghwa is well-known for its tea and the Korean traditional snacks that complement the tea that they serve here.

Each of the snacks has different flavors and has different textures that give you a varied experience per bite of snack and per sip of tea. It is both calming to the senses and soothing to the soul to just sit facing the window, staring out into the vast oceans, and appreciating the melting pot of flavors in your mouth. The interior design of the cafe complements the blue hue of the sea and the beige colors of the sand. You also get the occasional view of the Seaside Trains that come along.

It really is the best cafe that I’ve seen so far and I would definitely recommend you to check it out if you’re in the Busan vicinity. One of the most satisfying cafe experiences, from entry to the cafe, to the interior design, products, and view. 10/10 will recommend.