South Korea Pavilion at EXPO 2020, Dubai

Why you should not miss Republic of Korea Pavilion?

Korea Pavilion Building Expo 2020
Korea Pavilion’s Facade

You probably are aware that Dubai in the United Arabic Emirates is hosting EXPO 2020 (till March 31), a large international exhibition held in different parts of the globe. The event is designed for countries to showcase their achievements as well as present some elements of their unique cultures.

Expo 2020 Dubai Main Entrance

There are overall three major themes that divide the site of the fair into large districts: Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability. Under the theme of “Smart Korea, Moving the World to You”, South Korean Pavilion belongs to the ‘Mobility’ category.

Korea’s pavilion is one of the most sought-after exhibitions at Expo 2020. Just recently, on March 10th on its official Instagram page it has been announced that since the opening, Oct 1st, over 900,000 people have visited the pavilion.

Announcement of surpassing 900,000 visitors since opening

What makes the Korean pavilion so eye-catching?

Its high visit rates could be possibly linked to the success of the Korean drama Squid Game that took over the world in October-November 2021. Not to mention the popularity of K-culture in general, these days. But apart from that, there are also interesting programs and interactive experiences that make it outstanding and keep attracting visitors each day.

Main Installations

The Moving Wonder (Spin Cube)

You will definitely notice the building from afar: it’s a massive dynamic façade (the pavilion is the fifth largest at the exhibition) featuring 1,597 spinning cubes. In fact, as it constantly changes during the day and the cubes lit up at night, so make sure to catch that night scenery as well. The cubes form different patterns, those include the Korean Taeguk, a Confucian icon, a symbol of cosmic balance. The installation is called ‘The Moving Wonder’ and is described as follows:

Spin Cube Description
Spin Cube Description

Once entering the building, each visitor is given a smartphone that will guide them through the tour and give instructions.

Also, as you tour around the pavilion, you will probably notice that the interior with its spiral staircases and hallways somewhat reminds of Squid Game. As you may remember, the architecture in the show was inspired by the piece of art ‘Relativity’ by M.C. Escher.

Mobility in Transition (Flap Vision)

Another installation that is worth your attention is ‘Mobility in Transition’. It features a constantly changing image of individuals, social networks through the evolution of communications technology in flap vision:

Flap Vision Description

Augmented Reality

Remember the smartphones distributed at the beginning of each tour? Visitors can also use them to take a glimpse of Korea’s latest accomplishments in science and technology developments. It can be done just by scanning the QR-codes scattered across the balconies. Experience augmented reality through the screen of a smartphone!

The Journey of Wonder (Vertical Cinema)

The final part of the tour is the vertical cinema, where visitors lay down on a big pillow while watching a short but dynamic film projected on the ceiling.

Vertical Cinema Description

What else to do at the KOREA PAVILION?

Win cute memorable prizes

Free Souvenirs

On the site, there are also several promotional events where you can participate and win a prize. For example, if you take a picture at the pavilion, and upload including the following:

” #Koreapavilion #Koreapavilion2020 @koreapavilion2020 @expo2020kculture “

in your caption, you will receive some souvenirs. Those include cards, fans, and stick notes designed in a traditional Korean style.

You can also use the smartphone given by the staff to take your photos using themed stickers and frames. 

Also, don’t forget to use the traditional attributes available on the site for your pictures!

Win 2 flight tickets to Korea from KTO

AR experience of Korean traditional clothes Hanbok

Korea Tourism Organization is giving away two flight tickets to South Korea! You can get a chance to win and enter the competition in less than 5 minutes by completing three simple steps of a digital experience of Korean culture. One of such steps is trying on Korean traditional attire, ‘hanbok’, as shown in the picture. Winners are to be selected by lucky draw.

Get a free temporary tattoo

All you need to do is to cast your vote for Busan as the candidate to host EXPO 2030 at KTO’s booth.

You can also collect some stickers for free at a booth next to it.

Shop at the souvenir shop

The items designed in a traditional Korean style will surely become a great gift for your loved ones.

Experience the Dalgona challenge

Have you ever been curious to try the famous dalgona challenge and taste this Korean candy? Then this is the place to do both.

Dine at the traditional Korean restaurant

Taste the authentic Korean food while in Dubai: like many other pavilions, the pavilion of South Korea also has its on-site restaurant.

Watch a performance

Finally, after the tour, make sure to drop by Madang! Take a seat and make yourself comfortable to enjoy a wonderful show that merges K-pop, b-boying, samulnori (Korean traditional percussion), and mobility technology. The performance takes place each hour.

A virtual experience of Korea’s Pavilion

For those who can’t attend Expo-2020 and the Republic of Korea Pavilion, there is a virtual tour available as well. Find out more about the exhibition by clicking on the link: