A-Decent-Dining : Eating Alone in Busan

Usually I immersed in the vibrant dining scene of Seoul, you also could find some of my ventures further south to the bustling port city of Busan.

Having stayed in Ulsan for work a few years ago, I tried to explore the culinary delights around, and Busan was always good to visit (obviously the city is the second largest, or the best touristic destination in South Korea). Since I was a sole traveler to Busan, and particularly focused on the experience of dining alone.

For those who like me, traveling alone in Busan and looking for a decent meal, Let me introduce restaurants good for eating alone.


Pyeongsanok has a tremendous history, having opened in the 1950s right after the Korean War.

Boiled pork is the signature, and also mandatory menu you must order per person, and it costs only 10,000KRW (appx 7 USD).

The meat is boiled soft and plump without any unpleasant taste, so it tastes and feels good from the first time you put it in your mouth until you swallow it.

Their summer season menu, sweet and sour radish noodles are a particular delicacy, so I recommend you try them if you visit Busan on a summer vacation.

Diesel N Camelias

It is hard to tell the genre of this restaurant just by looking at its name.

This place serves ramen with rich broth that is hard to find even in Japan.

It has a deep flavor that feels like concentrated pork broth, and the seats are set up as bar tables, so it’s great for eating alone.

The interior is also quite luxurious, so it’s nice to feel like you’re on a trip even during a short visit.


This place, which has become even more popular since it was introduced in the Michelin Guide this year, is a place where you can taste Taiwanese cuisine.

The menu is full of spices and has a harmonious combination of spicy and savory flavors, giving it an exotic atmosphere.

It seems like the noodles are hand-picked, and I personally find it very satisfying to create a complex, chewy texture.

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