Interesting Noodle Dishes in Seoul

Not only in Seoul but in the entire domestic market, noodles are one of the most contested dishes to showcase their diversity and creativity.

In this exploration, I want to introduce interesting noodle dishes that redefine the conventional boundaries of taste and texture. From Korean classics with a modern twist to unique fusion creations, the noodle restaurants listed below offer an eclectic array of dishes worth to save for your next visit.

Hani Kalguksu

Kalguksu is a representative noodle dish in Korea that is easy to find anywhere, and I am surprised that here is the first kalguksu restaurant while introducing so many noodle dishes so far.

This place serves fish roe kalguksuthat is especially amazing for its hangover.

The spicy noodle soup made with fish eggs and intestines has recently become popular.

Thanks to the fish intestines, it has a rich yet refreshing taste, so it is a must-visit place for anyone who likes seafood and spicy flavors.


This Vietnamese Pho Bo(rice noodle with beef) restaurant is only open from 8:00 to 15:00 and is impressive with its rich broth.

There are only two menu items: regular noodles and spicy noodles, and personally the basic one was much better for enjoying the deep flavor of the broth.

Opening early seems to be a particular advantage for those who want to start their day with a simple but filling breakfast.

Udon Iyoiyo

Having cute name in Korean(‘iyoiyo’ means ‘is is’ in Korean), The ‘Flat Udon’ noodles, which are made by pressing the noodles and making a chewy texture, are especially delicious.

You can eat the flat noodles served on cold ice by dipping them in seasoning. The texture of the noodles themselves, which literally enhances the taste of the food, is really attractive.

If you consider texture important when choosing noodles, be sure to visit this place and try the flat udon.

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